Friday, September 30, 2011

Did Somebody Say SHOES!?!

I have a shoe fetish.
I easily have 30+ boxes of shoes stacked in my closet.

I watch movies and notice shoes before I notice scenery or actors.
And, as sick as it is, I plan entire outfit around which pair of shoes I want to wear!

And let me just say living in Florida is no place to be if you LOVE shoes!
This perma sun state dooms me to only wear flip flops.
Ugh.  Just plain ugh.

Truthfully, even though I don't get to wear them very often, I have a huge selection of shoes.
I must say that my husband freaks everytime I bring a new pair of shoes into the house.

Well, dear ole hubs, let it be know that now my shoes can help cure cancer :)

Well, sort of ...

Let me fill you in on the scoop.
Megan from The Brassy Apple has gathered "cheeleaders" around her site
and they are going to make a difference in the fight for cancer!

For each photo of shoes that is submitted (1 photo per reader) her bloggy owning cheerleaders
have pledged a certain amount of money to be donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

So, do you love shoes?  Do you at least own shoes?
I mean, I'm sure you WEAR shoes, right?
Well, truth be told I can name several people off the top of my head
right now who never wear shoes.  Seriously. 
Don't even get me started on that!

Anyhoo, don't be left out!
Take your photo today of your rockin shoes!
You can upload it here!

Then be sure to visit this post to read more AND 
to find out who the sponsors are of this awesome event!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boo! How's Your Memory?

I had a birthday party to go to this weekend.  For Twins!
Time got away from me and so I didn't have much time to get a gift. 

I had one gift under my belt ... remember this post?
Well, it was supposed to be for my niece but when in a pinch :)
So, that left just one more gift to make.
Hmmmm, what to do?  Uh, hello, PINTEREST!

I found this cute idea and decided to tweak it for the Halloween season.
Silhouette SD to the rescue.  Really, how did I ever live without this??

First step was to layout my memory cards on the silhouette software.
I made the boxes all 2.5" x 2.5" and then placed the pictures into them.

Then, I did a save as and made a second copy of my silhouette document, calling it "green".
This step makes it easier to cut out the pieces one color group at a time.
I deleted all the pictures inside the boxes and left just the boxes. 
Cut the boxes out in lime green, and be sure to do this twice -
you'll need 2 of each card in order to play the game properly :)

I closed that document, opened my original, and did a save as again and named it "Purple".
Then I deleted everything that I did NOT want to be purple, created a second copy of each item,
and moved them around to be cut out.

Then let the machine cut out the purple pictures.

I did the same thing all over again for black, orange, and white.

Now all your pieces should be cut out.
But some of them may need some cutsie tootsie stuff added to them ... like faces :) 
I used my Sizzix rub-on faces on many of them.

Now my friends you are almost done!
Just glue all the pieces parts onto your squares ...

Slap them suckers onto clear contact paper,
iron for extra sealing oompf , and cut everything out!

Now, you CAN be done at this point, if yours isn't for a gift.
But I needed a box ... Hmmm, what to do?
Uh, Silhouette SD baby!!

I found a box image that I liked in the Silhouette library.  It had an opening in front.  I thought it would be super cool to let one of the memory cards peek through.  "Thought" being the word of the day here.  Uh, remember that old saying, "Measure twice and cut once."  Yeah, well, that didn't happen :)  So my opening was way to big for the cards.  Now what do do?
Hmmm, Silhouette Sketch Pens!  Cha-ching!

I switched out the razor blade for a sketch pen.

Then I laid out inside the silhouette software what I wanted to peek through the cut opening.

I went to "cut" like I always do with the silhouette
but this time I chose "silhouette sketch pen" instead of
which razor knife to use. So now, instead of cutting the paper,  it actually
drew my image instead.   Is that not rockin' awesome???
Next I used my watercolor pencils to fill it in,
used my personal trimmer to cut out a square
around the writing and then glued it behind the opening in the box.
When all was said and done this is what I ended up with ...

Wahoo!  It actually was quick and easy to do.
You know, even if you don't have a silhouette you can do the same idea with magazine pictures!
All kids love memory ... heck, I'm an old 40 year old and I still love Memory :)

... and if you like this idea, and Halloween in general ...
then RUN over to these fun Halloween themed parties:

Life in the Motherhood


Lots of fun Halloween ideas!
Check them all out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silhouette SD Tutorial

So, I have a confession to make.  I'm a perfectionist.
Like possibly OCD perfectionist.
If you ever want to give me heart failure -- rearrange my pantry!
Seriously, I'll just fall dead to the floor right on the spot!!

Well, this perfection trait even spills over into my scrapbooking.
I've been known to take 8 hours to do one page
because I could not get it just the way I want it.
I'm just sick that way :)

So, imagine my thrill and surprise when I was introduced to the Silhouette SD machine.

Let me just say, this machine is ah-maze-ing! 
I can actually start and finish a scrapbook page in less than one hour now. 

This machine does everything.  It's just like a printer except instead of printing things on paper it has a razor and cuts them out.  It can cut out paper, vinyl, heat transfer paper, magnet paper, and fabric.  With it you can etch glass, make trendy t-shirts ... and even make your own embellishments!  That's what I'm going to show you today.  How to take a jpeg or png image off the internet and turn it into your own sticker for a scrapbook page ... or anything else for that matter!

First, find the image you want.  For this tutorial I'm doing a scrapbook page for my son.  He finally beat the MarioKart DS Game and I want to scrapbook the excitement from his face.  So, I needed a Mario image.  After surfing the web, I found the one I liked on this site.

Second, import the image into your Silhouette SD library.

Now, using your silhouette SD software, insert the image into a new document.
It will look like this below:

Now, click on the "Trace" Button.
Then click on the "Select Trace Area" Button.
Using your mouse draw a rectangle around your image.
Like this:

When you release the mouse button yellow will appear on your image.
Uncheck the boxes that say "High Filter" and "Low Filter".
Now, slide the "Threshold" Button until it's at 100%.
Your entire image should be yellow.

Now, click the "Trace Outer Edge" Button.
It will look like this:

Whew!  Almost done :)
What you need to do now is click the "Cut Style" Button.
Your image will kinda get faint looking ... that's ok!  :)
Now click the "Cut Edge" Button. 
You will notice a dark red line appears around the edge of your image.
That is now your cut line for the Silhouette.  Yippee!

It's now time to print & cut!
I know, this has been a long tutoria.  Can you see the finish line?
We're almost done!!

Click the "Registration Marks" Button.
Be sure to check the box that says "Show Reg Marks".
Little funky checkbox marks will appear on
three corners of your page.  Like this:

Choose FILE & PRINT in the upper left corner of your screen.
Print your document to your regular color printer just like you would any document.

Now, it's just simple follow directions from here ...
Cick on the yellow knife "Cut" Button at the top of the screen.
I always pretty much use these settings below
but you can use whatever you are comfortable with.
Click "Send to Silhoutte":

This box will appear.  Follow the directions in the box
and press "Continue".

Click "Detect Automatically" and let the machine do it's thing.

This box now appears, except it will ACTUALLY say "Registration Mark Successful"
instead of "Skip Registration Marks".  Oops.  I forgot to copy that image
when I did this the first time so I recreated it without actually doing it.  Sorry :(
Now just click "Cut Page" and you're done!  The machine does the rest!

Voila!  This is what you end up with.
You'll notice I also did some other Mario images as well. 
Now, I just have to glue everything down and my page is done!
Less than 1 hour.  Woot Woot!

Linking Up To These Parties This Week:

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Friday, September 16, 2011

No Such Thing As Natural Beauty!

Well my friends, it's been ONE week since I started my Fountain of Youth Experience.
Let me just say, I'm still in love with ANEW Genics!

Not sure what I'm talking about?
Be sure to read this post and this post to get caught up!

I need to tell you that I have NEVER found a moisturizer product that I have liked,
let alone LOVED.  I have tried it all too. 
Clinique, Loreal, Mary Kaye, even many of my own AVON products.
With my oily, sensitive skin type everything was a disaster.

But not anymore!  As of today I only have 2 small breakouts.
Say what??  Never has that happened before!
And still, I don't have an oily, greasy feeling sitting on my face.
That is utterly amazing folks!

I do believe my skin feels smoother and looks smoother as well.
Not sure I can say 10 years have fallen off as of yet ....
but I'm hopeful ... and I bet the ole hubby is too :)

Many of you have received samples from me of this new cream.
I would love it if you would comment below your thoughts about this product!

In the next few days/weeks I'll be posting some pictures.
Stay Tuned.

Oh, and if you are interested, here's an infomercial AVON has out about this "miracle in a jar"!

And, for you craft-a-holics out there ... some fun crafty tutes are coming soon too.
I got me lots of stuff in the works ... but none finished yet.
Life has been a tad too busy :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drum Roll Please ...

And the winner is ....

Treaya S. from Willow Witch!

Congrats!  Head over and check out her blog!
... and Treaya, be watching for your email from me!

For those of you who didn't win this time ... stay tuned.

I'll be doing another give away in October.

In the meantime, be sure to use the code FIRSTREP
at checkout with my online store.  You'll get FREE shipping!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Star Wars Party!

Hello fab friends! 
Just wanted to let you know I'm guest posting today over at J&M Eye Candy's place.
They have this really cool party going on for about another week. 

... and I get to be guest host today! 
WooHoo!  Today is STAR WARS day baby!

Do you have an event coming up soon?  Then you must RUN,
don't walk over to their site and check out all the crazy awesome ideas they have!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still The Fountain of Youth?

Remember yesterday's post?
The one about Avon discovering The Fountain of Youth!
Well ... It's Day #2 ... I'm still lovin' it!

As of this morning still no greasy feeling.
Still no angry face break-outs.
And I swear I'm dropping years off my face :)

Is it possible?  Can it really be that I have found heaven in a jar?
Stay tuned ...


You might also remember that yesterday I offered you
 a chance to get $10 off your own jar of miracle loveliness.
That offer is still good but I kinda changed the "rules" a bit.

You see, you might remember that part of the deal was that you
had to allow me to post before and after pictures of you
on my Facebook page AND my blog.

Well, all I have to say about that is ...

What ever on this wonderful earth was I thinking??

Last night I had my wonderful, supportive, and never-make-fun-of me hubby
take some before shots of my face ... without make-up ... au-naturale ...

... and then I downloaded them ...

... and then I looked at them on the 'puter ...

... and then, with sheer terror in my face ... 
I ran out of the room screaming and shouting!!

It was horrible I tell ya, just horrible!

There is no way on earth that I would EVER post those pictures online.
I love you too much to scare you that way!
So, if I can't post MY pictures ...
then how could I EVER do that to those I love so dearly?
Oy veh!

So, the New and Improved requirements to be a part of my review team
and thus get $10 off your miracle cream are as follows:

1.  Email me that you are interested!!
2.  Answer a small survey that I will provide to you.
3.  Allow me to publish your comments to my Facebook page.
4.  Allow me to publish your comments on my blog.
If you so desire, allow me to publish an AFTER picture of yourself
in which you are fully made up and looking like the hot-mama-on-the-loose that you truly are!
Whew!  I feel so much better about that now :)
I will post some specific area shots of my skin before and after ...
but I'll be sure to crop them in such a way that you won't be scarred for life
or need therapy to get rid of the images burned into your mind!
Isn't it Dolly Parton that said "There is no such thing as natural beauty".
Uh, last nights pictures sealed that one for me!

Just shoot me an email and we'll get you started!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fountain of Youth

The advertisement read ... "Do you want to look 10 years younger?"

What?  Who doesn't?  With a tagline like that I was intrigued!

I read further ...
Some women never seem to age…maybe it’s in their genes.
Avon has discovered you have a youth gene too, so you can be one of those women.
Now ANY woman can look up to ten years younger.

I was engrossed ... I kept reading ...
Inspired by the discovery that everyone has a Youth Gene,
our Genics formula is designed to stimulate your Youth Gene’s activity, 
which slows down with age. Now you can undo up to 10 years from the look of your skin.

And the heaven's opened and I heard angels singing!
The Fountain of Youth has been found!
SOLD!  I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

What am I talking about? 
Well, Avon's ANEW Genics & their patented YouthGen™ Technology, that's what!
... and so far I'm hooked!

Let me set the stage.  I have sensitive oily skin.  VERY oily skin.
I rarely try anything new and exciting on my face because, well, my face will hate me for weeks.
Everything makes me break-out and everything feels very thick and greasy on my face.

But, with the promise that Avon will help this 40 year old mama actually
get to look 10 years younger, I was willing to take my chances of an angry face.

Day #1 was last night.
I showered ... aren't you glad I'm clean that way :) ... and cleansed my face.
Then, after drying off and saying,

"Self, are you sure you want to do this?  Face isn't gonna be too happy with you."

... and then with trembling hands and a nervous stomach, I openend the sample packet.
I put a dab on my fingers and slowly breathed and reached for my face.
Here we go I thought ... probably gone regret this for weeks ...
And then I gently spread the yummy smelling cream across my face.
I waited ... and prayed ... and waited some more ...
What's this?  It disappeared??  No oil?  No grease?
I actually had smooth clean skin?  Well, I'll be.
And as of this morning I still had clean oil free skin.  And no immediate break-outs.
And ... perhaps it was wishful thinking ... or the fact my contacts weren't in yet ...
but I swear I could see a whole year fall off my face :)

Woo-Hoo!  Hot Mama on the Loose :)

Well, only time will tell. 
Over the next few weeks I'll post random updates on my true thoughts of this miracle cream.

Stay tuned :)

And here's a SPECIAL DEAL if you are truly interested
Be part of my review team! 
In exchange for your participation I'll take $10 off the cost of your cream!
These are the conditions you need to agree to:
1.  A before AND after picture
2.  Answer a small survey I will provide to you
3.  Allow me to publish your picture(s) & comments to my Facebook page
4.  Allow me to publish your picture(s) & comments on my blog

Just shoot me an email and we'll get you started!

Not interested in being on the review team?  But DO want to try some yourself?
Head over to my online store and check it out!