Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday SALEabration ... on Friday :)

So, um, it's been a busy crazy week for reasons I won't bore you with.
Time got away from me and before I realized it, it's FRIDAY! 
Holy Kamoley and Major Oops. 
I'm a little late with this post but better late than never, right :)

Now, first for some housekeeping regarding Thursday SALEabration.
After last week's post a very knowledgeable friend brought to my attention that I was being sort of rude, and well, actually illegal, in posting & emailing about Avon dealios.  Doh!

Let me say that is NOT at all what I had intended,
and I def don't want to go to jail for hawking Avon :)
So, I picked her brain and man did I ever learn so much.  Thank you dear dear friend!

Here's the new-and-ever-improved deal.
I'll still be a blogging fool (husband inserts groan here).
But my blog will be a way to showcase my craft obsessions, Avon product reviews, AND really cool how-to tips ... but I won't subject you to random sales flyers and special deals ...

UNLESS you want them!  If you do want to keep up with Avon sales, then just enter your email address on the right hand side of my blog where it says, "Subscribe to our mailing list".

That way you will still get to know about the free shipping deals AND the sales AND other random cool newsletter stuff that I will be doing.  But you'll be finding out legally and I won't be spending time in the clink (husband rolls eyes here)  :)


On with the REAL reason for today's post. 
A personal review, and nostalgic look-back, on Avon's SWEET HONESTY perfume.

Let's take a moment to reflect shall we ...

One of the reasons I chose to be an Avon rep was because the childhood memories I have with Avon.  My grandother was a loyal customer for years and years.  There was always all kinds of Avon around her house and at Christmas we always received many gifts that were Avon.

Sweet Honesty in Bo Peep Bottle

One of the best memories of her Avon fetish was her collection of empty perfume bottles that lined her shelf.  Some of you may remember that Avon used to put their perfumes into fancy schmancy bottles.

Sweet Honesty in Vintage Lady Bottle

My grandmother used to "repurpose" those perfume bottles before repurposing was fashionable :)  One of the best memories I have is playing with and looking at her empty Avon perfume bottles all lined up on her bookshelves as decorations for the world to see.

Sweet Honesty in Snow Bunny Bottle

Now, let it be known that Sweet Honesty is not a new fragrance.  Avon launched the Sweet Honesty scent in 1973 ... and it's still around today!  Although it no longer comes in those fancy bottles it is still very much the feminine scent that it always has been.  It's advertised as "a beautiful floral feminine scent."

What I find fascinating is that it's the ideal perfume for any girl aged 10 to 99.  It really is a classic scent that obviously has something going for it seeing as it's survived 30+ years! 

It's still one of our top sellers today.

Bottom line is this.  If you want to introduce your young pre-teen daughter to perfume for the first time, then Sweet Honesty is the choice you should make.  It is soft and delicate and won't overpower her. 

Or maybe your young college student wants a scent that makes her feel feminine and flirty.  I say choose Sweet Honesty for her.  The light floral fragrance is definately very feminine and when you add the fact it has undertones of honey ... the boys will be buzzing around like bees :)

Finally, maybe you are a grown mother chasing kids around all the time and just want something to help you feel refreshed when you're really just plumb tuckered out.  Look no further than the pink box from Avon.  The fresh clean scent will invigorate your senses and will make you feel like the hot mama you really are! 

Sweet Honesty really is the best. 
It's the perfect first fragrance ... and a favorite to hold onto for years.
(I can't claim that tag line, it's all Avon.)

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