Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am Thankful ...

Thanksgiving has over the years become
a time for many things to many people.

It's a time for food ... family ... food ... football ... did I mention food?
Mmmm, just thinking about that now makes my tummy growl.

For me Thanksgiving has really become a time for reflection.
And I find the need to make others reflect with me :)
It think it's important that sometimes we sit back and
take stock of the past year and remember things to be grateful for.

Today I'd like to share with you a tradition my family has done in the
reflection catagory for the past 6 years and will continue to do until the day I die.

I say "until the day I die" because I'm pretty sure by the rolling eyes I get
from the family as I bring this tradition out each year
that once I die, this tradition will die with me :)

Hey, to know me is to know my freakiness ... and to love me anyways :)

Now, let's get to it.
Each year I come up with some type of theme that is 
autumn-y or Thanksgiving-y (are those really words?).
I turn that theme into a type of scrapbook page.
Then, after our big yummy dinner, those who are blessed enough
to eat with me that year :) can write on the page what they are thankful for.

This year I will actually use my Silhouette to create the page ... BUT ...
All of the pages below were done PRE-Silhouette!!
I simply found a coloring page I liked either online or in a coloring book. 
Then I put the coloring page a lightboard and traced 
the design onto various types of scrapbook paper.

I cut the pieces parts out with scissors, glued the pieces parts together,
and voila!  Page done!

Get out your pen,
ignore the rolling eyes from your family,
and a new tradition is born :)

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