Friday, November 11, 2011

Counting the Ways ...

Recently I was checking out the Buildeth Her House blog. 
Love that place! 
Valencia is such a sweet soul and I just love how she
puts a feminine, but modest touch on everything! 

While I was surfing her site I saw this post. 

In it she says, and I quote,
"I wrote a post a while back called 100 reasons  I love my husband! It is ALWAYS on display on my sidebar. Every time I read it I can't help but smile and be grateful for the man I married ... I think we all can benefit from finding the good in our husbands  and link up to share them together. Not only will it be fun to read all the many reasons we all love them, but it will be great motivators on those days we need a reminder ... Let's focus on the many ways we admire, respect and love our husbands, instead of clouding our minds with negative things or man bashing with friends."

Valencia, my friend, I could not agree more!
I know as the years go by sometimes life gets in the way, kids need attention, housework is NEVER done, and uh, blogging becomes an obession ... er, uh, yeah ... well, anyways we may forget why we married our husbands in the first place ... I know I can't be the only one :)

So, my friends ... here are my 100 reasons why I love my husband!
  1. is a Christian
  2. he loves me!
  3. believes in tithing
  4. prays with us before every meal
  5. attends church with us as a family
  6. puts gas in my car every week
  7. willing to work and keeps a job
  8. handsome!!!
  9. great lover
  10. super kisser
  11. rather stay home with me than go to bars
  12. never pressured me for a commitment before we were married … gave me the space I needed to heal first
  13. feeds my diet coke addiction :)
  14. seriously does try hard to show interest in my Pinterest stories
  15. doesn’t kill me when I eat something I’m allergic to and then puke (it happens quite often!)
  16. dedicated father
  17. shared the night shift when our son was little
  18. changed diapers when our son was little
  19. the way he goofs off with our son now
  20. very mechanical and can fix anything
  21. willing to do the gardening so I don’t have to sweat :)
  22. humors my obsession with crafts & scrapbooking
  23. … and my constant need to buy supplies because of that fetish!
  24. tolerates my constant forgetfulness in turning the oven off
  25. loves to travel
  26. loyal to me
  27. does not have a wandering eye (unless it’s Martina McBride)
  28. a manly type of man
  29. willing to clean the house when I can’t
  30. has a great sense of humor
  31. always remembers our anniversary
  32. always remembers my birthday
  33. always remembers the date of our first kiss
  34. actually remembers what I wore on our first date
  35. always vacuums and mops the floors
  36. always does the laundry
  37. kisses me goodbye before leaving the house
  38. shhh, don’t tell his man-friends, but he watches chick-flicks with me
  39. humors my Law & Order addiction
  40. still a big kid at heart
  41. calls me at least once a day to check in
  42. very creative
  43. patient in teaching me shortcuts in excel
  44. doesn’t make too much fun of me when I ask “What’s ½ of a ½?”
  45. great baker (better than me!)
  46. accepts that I always need that new pair of shoes!
  47. … and that those shoes will never be where they belong but all over the house instead
  48. accepts my redneck upbringing :)
  49. goes with me to pretty much every family event I attend
  50. accepts my need to cook tons of food while entertaining
  51. looks downright sexy when wearing reading glasses
  52. willing to handle the bills so that I don’t stress
  53. knows how to gently tell me I need to take some Midol
  54. forgives me when it’s obvious I need the Midol and didn’t take it
  55. willing to try all my “experimental meals”
  56. keeps secrets
  57. loves to take me away for special weekends
  58. loves hiking with me
  59. tolerates the fact I will never remember to close my dresser drawers
  60. … or the closet door
  61. … or the medicine cabinet (see a pattern here?)
  62. is honest about how I look (even if he shouldn’t be)
  63. shares his thoughts on scripture with me
  64. loves theme parks
  65. sat through the Phantom of the Opera with me!!
  66. … and CATS
  67. … and the London Symphony Orchestra
  68. always does the driving since I hate it
  69. tolerates my need for site-seeing roadside oddities while we travel
  70. accepts that I really do need 25 pictures of that one thing
  71. puts up Christmas lights on the house - rain or shine every year
  72. goes Black Friday shopping with me (at 4am!)
  73. goes “day after Christmas” shopping with me (again at 4am!)
  74. is perfectly fine if I just serve chicken nuggets and chips for dinner some nights
  75. apologizes when wrong (usually with a diet coke, see #12)
  76. encourages me to hang on when something is hurting me
  77. encourages me to keep going & not give up during tough work-outs
  78. trusts me
  79. has never had a problem buying me “once a month” needs
  80. understands I hate change and therefore eases me into things
  81. very good at knowing just what gift to get me
  82. i actually love the laugh lines around his eyes ...they make him look awesome
  83. excellent go-to guy for business advice
  84. thinks things through and doesn’t rush
  85. his child-like grin when he gets caught throwing things in the grocery cart
  86. that he wants to spend his retirement years travelling with me
  87. encourages me to spend “girl time” with friends
  88. thinks it’s cute when I cry at Publix commercials
  89. constantly takes care of my Magnolia tree (which I totally LOVE) because it seems to have perma-scale!
  90. has walked with me, and gotten lost with me,  in a corn maze in incredibly hot weather for the past 2 years just to make me happy
  91. understands that I HATE water and it will kill me if I drink it (see #12)
  92. … and that milk is just as bad!
  93. thinks it’s cute that I drive like “an old grandma”
  94. tolerates my OCD need to keep the pantry organized in a specific way
  95. doesn’t give me grief that my rule is we don’t “leave the lights on” … get it :)
  96. honestly has no idea when a woman is flirting with him!!!
  97. did I say he’s a looker??  Just making sure you know  :)
  98. won’t renig, ever, on a commitment he makes
  99. keeps me grounded when it seems the world is falling apart
  100. after Christ, it’s him who completes me
So, what are YOUR reasons??  Head over and link up to Valencia today!

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Valencia said...

#48 and #85 are my favs!!! You are such a sweet one for linking up and I know your husband will be blessed to know that you've posted this to honor him for all the world to see.