Monday, November 28, 2011

Bubble Bubble Toil and ... NO TROUBLES!

Avon has sold Bubble Bath ever since I can remember.  To me, Avon's Bubble Bath is a far superior Bubble Bath to any other on the market.  Seriously.  I totally mean that ... and I tell you that not only as an Avon rep ... but also as a mom!

You know, Avon markets and sells the product ONLY as a bubble bath, but ... from my own experience ... and that of loyal cusotmers ... I have come to find out there are lots of other things that it can do!

Avon Bubble Bath ...

... produces zillions of bubbles that leave NO bath tub ring!  I can promise you this from my own experience!

... does a beautiful job on washing cars, mobile homes, RV's and boats.

... can be used in your laundry.  You won't need fabric softener!  It's great to use for hand washing those delicates or using it as a presoak.  Splatter grease on a good blouse?  Put straight bubble bath on the spot, let it sit a few minutes, and wash.  No spots!  And you won't believe how it attacks that "ring-around-the-collar".

... is great at washing windows, or appliances, or bathroom fixtures, or dishes, or even your no wax floors!

... works as a mild shampoo when you give your pets a bath.  And as a BONUS ... if you follow up with Avon's Original Skin So Soft those pesky mosquitos won't be a problem either.

... does a super job as a shampoo for your carpets or furniture.  You can do the whole room or just use it for spot touch ups.  If spot treating just use a damp sponge and straight bubble bath.  Don't wet the sponge as the water might leave a ring ... but the bubble bath won't!

... makes a super jewelry cleaner.

... has a fabulous long lasting smell.  Put some bubble bath and a bit of water in your potpourri burner and your whole room will smell fresh and clean.

And there you have it my friends!  The many reasons why I love Avon's Bubble Bath.  Full size, Mini Size, even Special Size.  They all rock!  You can now see for yourself that not only can you & your kids get squeaky clean from using this awesome product... but your home can get clean and fresh too!  And at a fraction of the cost of other products.

What about you?  Do you use Bubble Bath?  For what purposes?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Upcycled Christmas Ornaments

Today I would like to introduce you to my mother ... Hello Mama :) 
Well, not really introduce, because like me, my sweet mama does NOT like her picture being taken let alone posted all over :)  Hmmm, I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree :)  But I can tell you all about her.  My mother is the Queen of Crafts.  She sews, crochets, knits, quilts, and uses all sorts of craft media almost daily.  For years and years she was a preschool teacher and made all her own activities with her kids ... and man, you should have seen her bulletin board ideas!

She's also been "upcycling" things before any of us knew what that really meant :)  She never throws anything away (to which my father groans and would yell a resounding "Amen" to that!).  She sees the craft potential in everything ... thus today's post.

Each year she makes for each of us kids and our families ornaments for our tree.  That way when my kids (and my sister's kids) grow up and move out they can take their ornaments with them and have pretty much a starter tree.  LOVE that idea and have come to look forward to each year's ornaments.

These are a few of this year's ornaments she made us kids.  Hey, who's that cutie patootie little girl?  Well, that's my super uber terrific niece holding onto her ornament :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Now, let it be known ... each of the ornaments above are made from LEFTOVER
pieces parts of projects gone by.  She bought nothing new!  What?? 
Told you her craft stash was bigger than Hobby Lobby :)

I thought I would showcase today the one my niece is holding ... the Santa ornament.

So, here we go ... how to make the
Holly Jolly Santa Ornament

Items you will need:
Empty Ribbon Spool
Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Christmas Ribbon
Glitzy Pipecleaner
Leftover Wreath Pieces Parts (a.k.a. Santa)


Tear one side off a ribbon spool, leaving the center ring and other paper side.
What in the world am I talking about?  This confused me too when she told me :)
See below. 

Then, the rest is easy!  Paint your ribbon base.  Wrap the glitzy pipe cleaner around the inside rim.  Glue your Santa (or any wreath accessory you use) to the bottom center.  Glue your ribbon around the outside.  Done!  Mom did find a toy horn she added to Santa's hand as well.

Isn't it cute??!! 
Thank's mama for letting me feature you!
You Rock :)

If you want to know how she made the others just shoot me an email
(found in "about me section")
or just comment below!  We'd love to share her secrets.


So, Pampered Peeps ... do you have ornamanet traditions? 
If so, I'd love to hear about them below!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday SALEabration ... on Friday :)

So, um, it's been a busy crazy week for reasons I won't bore you with.
Time got away from me and before I realized it, it's FRIDAY! 
Holy Kamoley and Major Oops. 
I'm a little late with this post but better late than never, right :)

Now, first for some housekeeping regarding Thursday SALEabration.
After last week's post a very knowledgeable friend brought to my attention that I was being sort of rude, and well, actually illegal, in posting & emailing about Avon dealios.  Doh!

Let me say that is NOT at all what I had intended,
and I def don't want to go to jail for hawking Avon :)
So, I picked her brain and man did I ever learn so much.  Thank you dear dear friend!

Here's the new-and-ever-improved deal.
I'll still be a blogging fool (husband inserts groan here).
But my blog will be a way to showcase my craft obsessions, Avon product reviews, AND really cool how-to tips ... but I won't subject you to random sales flyers and special deals ...

UNLESS you want them!  If you do want to keep up with Avon sales, then just enter your email address on the right hand side of my blog where it says, "Subscribe to our mailing list".

That way you will still get to know about the free shipping deals AND the sales AND other random cool newsletter stuff that I will be doing.  But you'll be finding out legally and I won't be spending time in the clink (husband rolls eyes here)  :)


On with the REAL reason for today's post. 
A personal review, and nostalgic look-back, on Avon's SWEET HONESTY perfume.

Let's take a moment to reflect shall we ...

One of the reasons I chose to be an Avon rep was because the childhood memories I have with Avon.  My grandother was a loyal customer for years and years.  There was always all kinds of Avon around her house and at Christmas we always received many gifts that were Avon.

Sweet Honesty in Bo Peep Bottle

One of the best memories of her Avon fetish was her collection of empty perfume bottles that lined her shelf.  Some of you may remember that Avon used to put their perfumes into fancy schmancy bottles.

Sweet Honesty in Vintage Lady Bottle

My grandmother used to "repurpose" those perfume bottles before repurposing was fashionable :)  One of the best memories I have is playing with and looking at her empty Avon perfume bottles all lined up on her bookshelves as decorations for the world to see.

Sweet Honesty in Snow Bunny Bottle

Now, let it be known that Sweet Honesty is not a new fragrance.  Avon launched the Sweet Honesty scent in 1973 ... and it's still around today!  Although it no longer comes in those fancy bottles it is still very much the feminine scent that it always has been.  It's advertised as "a beautiful floral feminine scent."

What I find fascinating is that it's the ideal perfume for any girl aged 10 to 99.  It really is a classic scent that obviously has something going for it seeing as it's survived 30+ years! 

It's still one of our top sellers today.

Bottom line is this.  If you want to introduce your young pre-teen daughter to perfume for the first time, then Sweet Honesty is the choice you should make.  It is soft and delicate and won't overpower her. 

Or maybe your young college student wants a scent that makes her feel feminine and flirty.  I say choose Sweet Honesty for her.  The light floral fragrance is definately very feminine and when you add the fact it has undertones of honey ... the boys will be buzzing around like bees :)

Finally, maybe you are a grown mother chasing kids around all the time and just want something to help you feel refreshed when you're really just plumb tuckered out.  Look no further than the pink box from Avon.  The fresh clean scent will invigorate your senses and will make you feel like the hot mama you really are! 

Sweet Honesty really is the best. 
It's the perfect first fragrance ... and a favorite to hold onto for years.
(I can't claim that tag line, it's all Avon.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Counting the Ways ...

Recently I was checking out the Buildeth Her House blog. 
Love that place! 
Valencia is such a sweet soul and I just love how she
puts a feminine, but modest touch on everything! 

While I was surfing her site I saw this post. 

In it she says, and I quote,
"I wrote a post a while back called 100 reasons  I love my husband! It is ALWAYS on display on my sidebar. Every time I read it I can't help but smile and be grateful for the man I married ... I think we all can benefit from finding the good in our husbands  and link up to share them together. Not only will it be fun to read all the many reasons we all love them, but it will be great motivators on those days we need a reminder ... Let's focus on the many ways we admire, respect and love our husbands, instead of clouding our minds with negative things or man bashing with friends."

Valencia, my friend, I could not agree more!
I know as the years go by sometimes life gets in the way, kids need attention, housework is NEVER done, and uh, blogging becomes an obession ... er, uh, yeah ... well, anyways we may forget why we married our husbands in the first place ... I know I can't be the only one :)

So, my friends ... here are my 100 reasons why I love my husband!
  1. is a Christian
  2. he loves me!
  3. believes in tithing
  4. prays with us before every meal
  5. attends church with us as a family
  6. puts gas in my car every week
  7. willing to work and keeps a job
  8. handsome!!!
  9. great lover
  10. super kisser
  11. rather stay home with me than go to bars
  12. never pressured me for a commitment before we were married … gave me the space I needed to heal first
  13. feeds my diet coke addiction :)
  14. seriously does try hard to show interest in my Pinterest stories
  15. doesn’t kill me when I eat something I’m allergic to and then puke (it happens quite often!)
  16. dedicated father
  17. shared the night shift when our son was little
  18. changed diapers when our son was little
  19. the way he goofs off with our son now
  20. very mechanical and can fix anything
  21. willing to do the gardening so I don’t have to sweat :)
  22. humors my obsession with crafts & scrapbooking
  23. … and my constant need to buy supplies because of that fetish!
  24. tolerates my constant forgetfulness in turning the oven off
  25. loves to travel
  26. loyal to me
  27. does not have a wandering eye (unless it’s Martina McBride)
  28. a manly type of man
  29. willing to clean the house when I can’t
  30. has a great sense of humor
  31. always remembers our anniversary
  32. always remembers my birthday
  33. always remembers the date of our first kiss
  34. actually remembers what I wore on our first date
  35. always vacuums and mops the floors
  36. always does the laundry
  37. kisses me goodbye before leaving the house
  38. shhh, don’t tell his man-friends, but he watches chick-flicks with me
  39. humors my Law & Order addiction
  40. still a big kid at heart
  41. calls me at least once a day to check in
  42. very creative
  43. patient in teaching me shortcuts in excel
  44. doesn’t make too much fun of me when I ask “What’s ½ of a ½?”
  45. great baker (better than me!)
  46. accepts that I always need that new pair of shoes!
  47. … and that those shoes will never be where they belong but all over the house instead
  48. accepts my redneck upbringing :)
  49. goes with me to pretty much every family event I attend
  50. accepts my need to cook tons of food while entertaining
  51. looks downright sexy when wearing reading glasses
  52. willing to handle the bills so that I don’t stress
  53. knows how to gently tell me I need to take some Midol
  54. forgives me when it’s obvious I need the Midol and didn’t take it
  55. willing to try all my “experimental meals”
  56. keeps secrets
  57. loves to take me away for special weekends
  58. loves hiking with me
  59. tolerates the fact I will never remember to close my dresser drawers
  60. … or the closet door
  61. … or the medicine cabinet (see a pattern here?)
  62. is honest about how I look (even if he shouldn’t be)
  63. shares his thoughts on scripture with me
  64. loves theme parks
  65. sat through the Phantom of the Opera with me!!
  66. … and CATS
  67. … and the London Symphony Orchestra
  68. always does the driving since I hate it
  69. tolerates my need for site-seeing roadside oddities while we travel
  70. accepts that I really do need 25 pictures of that one thing
  71. puts up Christmas lights on the house - rain or shine every year
  72. goes Black Friday shopping with me (at 4am!)
  73. goes “day after Christmas” shopping with me (again at 4am!)
  74. is perfectly fine if I just serve chicken nuggets and chips for dinner some nights
  75. apologizes when wrong (usually with a diet coke, see #12)
  76. encourages me to hang on when something is hurting me
  77. encourages me to keep going & not give up during tough work-outs
  78. trusts me
  79. has never had a problem buying me “once a month” needs
  80. understands I hate change and therefore eases me into things
  81. very good at knowing just what gift to get me
  82. i actually love the laugh lines around his eyes ...they make him look awesome
  83. excellent go-to guy for business advice
  84. thinks things through and doesn’t rush
  85. his child-like grin when he gets caught throwing things in the grocery cart
  86. that he wants to spend his retirement years travelling with me
  87. encourages me to spend “girl time” with friends
  88. thinks it’s cute when I cry at Publix commercials
  89. constantly takes care of my Magnolia tree (which I totally LOVE) because it seems to have perma-scale!
  90. has walked with me, and gotten lost with me,  in a corn maze in incredibly hot weather for the past 2 years just to make me happy
  91. understands that I HATE water and it will kill me if I drink it (see #12)
  92. … and that milk is just as bad!
  93. thinks it’s cute that I drive like “an old grandma”
  94. tolerates my OCD need to keep the pantry organized in a specific way
  95. doesn’t give me grief that my rule is we don’t “leave the lights on” … get it :)
  96. honestly has no idea when a woman is flirting with him!!!
  97. did I say he’s a looker??  Just making sure you know  :)
  98. won’t renig, ever, on a commitment he makes
  99. keeps me grounded when it seems the world is falling apart
  100. after Christ, it’s him who completes me
So, what are YOUR reasons??  Head over and link up to Valencia today!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday SALEabration!

Welcome to a brand new series!
A series that I hope you will come to anticipate each week.
A series that will SAVE you money!
Now that's what I'm talking about ... Can I get a big Yeehaw!

I think I shall call it ...
Thursday SALEabration!
(notice I chose green for the title ... because of money ... and how you'll save money)
(I know, I'm cool that way!)

Anyhoo, each Thursday I will post about the items that are on sale
for that week at my online store!
You know, just like local department stores do in the weekly newspaper ...
only I'm not a department store ... and this isn't the newspaper ... it's online ...
but hey ... you know what I mean, right?

So, let's get to it shall we?

Dermafull Volumizer
Fills in lip lines for noticeably smoother, fuller lips that look years younger.
Lips look instantly plumped!
Regular Price is $22.00 / SALEabration price is $5.00

Glimmersticks Eye, Lip, & Brow Liners
and Glazewear Lip Gloss

Regular Price is $6.00 each / SALEabration price is 4 for $10
(that is only $2.50 each ... and you can MIX and MATCH between the two)

Super Extend Mascara
Super Shock Mascara
Super Magnify Mascara
Extra Lasting Mascara
All Regular Price of $9.00 / SALEabration price is $4.99 each
Doh!  That is cheaper than CoverGirl or Maybelline!!

Men's Gift Sets
Colognes to suit HIS sense of style!
Regular Price is $29.00 / SALEabration price is $9.99

Stocking Stuffer Ideas ... many under $1 each!!

And last but not least ... well, actually, just last for this list, NOT last in the store.
There are TONS more on sale in my online store!

Check out the all NEW Lip Gloss Gift Tags

How perfect for those Christmas packages to women!
$4.99 for a set of 5 tags

So, what are you waiting for??
Head over to my online store and do some shopping today!

Be sure to type either FIRSTREP or REPFLYER at checkout
and you'll get FREE checking!!

*Disclaimer:  These prices are guaranteed only until November 17, 2011*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Potholders

Before we get to the tutorial for today ...
I gotta give a shout out to Gina from East Coast Mommy 
(and also  her shop Cute as a Button Designs)!

She was awesome-rockin-super enough to review some FOOTWORKS products for me!
AND she's hosting a give-away as well!

So, want to know what she thinks about the Footworks line of products?
AND ... want some FREE Avon??  Then head on over to her place.

And while you are there, stay a bit and look around.
She has awesome ideas!


Now, on with the show :)

Ever notice how fast your kids grow up?
I do.  My daughter is now 18 and my son is almost 9.
What the heck?  Where did time go?

One thing I find myself oogling and loving the most
during the holidays is their craftiness from holidays past. 

The ones that make my heart melt the most
are the ones that show how big they've gotten.
You know, the ones that have footprints
or handprints worked into them?

So, I decided that I wanted to do another handprint/footprint project
this year using my son's handprints.  Hmmm, what to do?

Thanksgiving = turkeys = food = cooking = POTHOLDERS!!

So, this is what we ended up with.
It took literally less than 15 minutes ...
but it will be a lifetime of memories!!

Simple - Easy - Peasy!

Items Needed:
Fabric Paint (Brown, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black)
Two New White Potholders (I got mine at IKEA for $1 for BOTH!)
Tiny Little Hands :)

Step One:
Smear Brown Paint on the palm and thumb.
Dab the colored paint on each finger.

Step Two:
Lay the hand on the center of the potholder and gently press each finger down.
Lift the hand straight up.

Step Three:
Using the black fabric paint draw legs and an eye.
Then use the orange to make a beak  and red to make the gobbly gobble piece
(what IS that piece called anyways??)

Step Four:
Use paint to write their name or anything else you want to say.

Step Five:
Wash up :)

Done!  Told you it was easy!

What thanksgiving things have you made with handprints or footprints?
Comment below as I would LOVE to know!

I Will be Linking Up to All or Some of these Fun Parties This Week:

The Stuff of Success Creative Kristi

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ornament Exchange!

Ashley from over at Eisy Morgan's is hosting an ornament exchange!

How fun is this going to be!!
I can't wait to see who I get partnered up with!!

Run over and check it out ... you know you want to!
Who doesn't LOVE Christmas tree ornaments, right??

AWOL Today!

If you've come looking for me today ... well, gotta tell ya I've gone AWOL!
You'll have to head over to {nifty thrifty things} to find me!!
I'm guest posting there today!!  Can I get an Oh-Yeah!

Seriously, you should head over even if you don't want to see me :)
Vanessa's blog is awesome!!

She has this one tutorial that I TOTALLY LOVE.  
When I saw it I immediately was taken back to childhood.
My mom used to have this shadow box collection
of all these adorable little knicky-knacky things.
I used to love looking at all their tiny randomness.

Well, Vanessa has taken that 70's memory to the new millenium! 

And, don't forget to check out her Homemade sugar cubes!
I'm just drooling for the chance to have a party so I can make them!

So be sure to head over to Vanessa's place.
I don't want to be lonely all day :)