Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silhouette SD Tutorial

So, I have a confession to make.  I'm a perfectionist.
Like possibly OCD perfectionist.
If you ever want to give me heart failure -- rearrange my pantry!
Seriously, I'll just fall dead to the floor right on the spot!!

Well, this perfection trait even spills over into my scrapbooking.
I've been known to take 8 hours to do one page
because I could not get it just the way I want it.
I'm just sick that way :)

So, imagine my thrill and surprise when I was introduced to the Silhouette SD machine.

Let me just say, this machine is ah-maze-ing! 
I can actually start and finish a scrapbook page in less than one hour now. 

This machine does everything.  It's just like a printer except instead of printing things on paper it has a razor and cuts them out.  It can cut out paper, vinyl, heat transfer paper, magnet paper, and fabric.  With it you can etch glass, make trendy t-shirts ... and even make your own embellishments!  That's what I'm going to show you today.  How to take a jpeg or png image off the internet and turn it into your own sticker for a scrapbook page ... or anything else for that matter!

First, find the image you want.  For this tutorial I'm doing a scrapbook page for my son.  He finally beat the MarioKart DS Game and I want to scrapbook the excitement from his face.  So, I needed a Mario image.  After surfing the web, I found the one I liked on this site.

Second, import the image into your Silhouette SD library.

Now, using your silhouette SD software, insert the image into a new document.
It will look like this below:

Now, click on the "Trace" Button.
Then click on the "Select Trace Area" Button.
Using your mouse draw a rectangle around your image.
Like this:

When you release the mouse button yellow will appear on your image.
Uncheck the boxes that say "High Filter" and "Low Filter".
Now, slide the "Threshold" Button until it's at 100%.
Your entire image should be yellow.

Now, click the "Trace Outer Edge" Button.
It will look like this:

Whew!  Almost done :)
What you need to do now is click the "Cut Style" Button.
Your image will kinda get faint looking ... that's ok!  :)
Now click the "Cut Edge" Button. 
You will notice a dark red line appears around the edge of your image.
That is now your cut line for the Silhouette.  Yippee!

It's now time to print & cut!
I know, this has been a long tutoria.  Can you see the finish line?
We're almost done!!

Click the "Registration Marks" Button.
Be sure to check the box that says "Show Reg Marks".
Little funky checkbox marks will appear on
three corners of your page.  Like this:

Choose FILE & PRINT in the upper left corner of your screen.
Print your document to your regular color printer just like you would any document.

Now, it's just simple follow directions from here ...
Cick on the yellow knife "Cut" Button at the top of the screen.
I always pretty much use these settings below
but you can use whatever you are comfortable with.
Click "Send to Silhoutte":

This box will appear.  Follow the directions in the box
and press "Continue".

Click "Detect Automatically" and let the machine do it's thing.

This box now appears, except it will ACTUALLY say "Registration Mark Successful"
instead of "Skip Registration Marks".  Oops.  I forgot to copy that image
when I did this the first time so I recreated it without actually doing it.  Sorry :(
Now just click "Cut Page" and you're done!  The machine does the rest!

Voila!  This is what you end up with.
You'll notice I also did some other Mario images as well. 
Now, I just have to glue everything down and my page is done!
Less than 1 hour.  Woot Woot!

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Samantha said...

I've spent a long time convincing myself that although I desperately want a silhouette, I really don't need it....but now I am thinking of reasons why I do need one! Ooops! xx

DanaB said...

I have a few questions...and you might have said this and I just missed it. What kind of paper are you putting in the silhouette? It is sticky paper? Also, you said to print your image on your regular color do you print the image and then put it in your silhouette and it cuts it for you? This is the first time I've ever seen one of these I'm not sure how it works.

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

I knew that you could do awesome things like this, but I have never tried it! It is SO awesome, and money saving ;) No more buying stickers. Thanks for the tutorial! I needed it to motivate me to start using this cool feature! BTW good for him, beating the game!! Awesome page :)

Athena said...

I now feel like I can't live without one! Thanks for linking to

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

I've been wanting a Silhouette for awhile now and I think you just convinced my to take the plunge! Thank you!