Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still The Fountain of Youth?

Remember yesterday's post?
The one about Avon discovering The Fountain of Youth!
Well ... It's Day #2 ... I'm still lovin' it!

As of this morning still no greasy feeling.
Still no angry face break-outs.
And I swear I'm dropping years off my face :)

Is it possible?  Can it really be that I have found heaven in a jar?
Stay tuned ...


You might also remember that yesterday I offered you
 a chance to get $10 off your own jar of miracle loveliness.
That offer is still good but I kinda changed the "rules" a bit.

You see, you might remember that part of the deal was that you
had to allow me to post before and after pictures of you
on my Facebook page AND my blog.

Well, all I have to say about that is ...

What ever on this wonderful earth was I thinking??

Last night I had my wonderful, supportive, and never-make-fun-of me hubby
take some before shots of my face ... without make-up ... au-naturale ...

... and then I downloaded them ...

... and then I looked at them on the 'puter ...

... and then, with sheer terror in my face ... 
I ran out of the room screaming and shouting!!

It was horrible I tell ya, just horrible!

There is no way on earth that I would EVER post those pictures online.
I love you too much to scare you that way!
So, if I can't post MY pictures ...
then how could I EVER do that to those I love so dearly?
Oy veh!

So, the New and Improved requirements to be a part of my review team
and thus get $10 off your miracle cream are as follows:

1.  Email me that you are interested!!
2.  Answer a small survey that I will provide to you.
3.  Allow me to publish your comments to my Facebook page.
4.  Allow me to publish your comments on my blog.
If you so desire, allow me to publish an AFTER picture of yourself
in which you are fully made up and looking like the hot-mama-on-the-loose that you truly are!
Whew!  I feel so much better about that now :)
I will post some specific area shots of my skin before and after ...
but I'll be sure to crop them in such a way that you won't be scarred for life
or need therapy to get rid of the images burned into your mind!
Isn't it Dolly Parton that said "There is no such thing as natural beauty".
Uh, last nights pictures sealed that one for me!

Just shoot me an email and we'll get you started!

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