Friday, September 16, 2011

No Such Thing As Natural Beauty!

Well my friends, it's been ONE week since I started my Fountain of Youth Experience.
Let me just say, I'm still in love with ANEW Genics!

Not sure what I'm talking about?
Be sure to read this post and this post to get caught up!

I need to tell you that I have NEVER found a moisturizer product that I have liked,
let alone LOVED.  I have tried it all too. 
Clinique, Loreal, Mary Kaye, even many of my own AVON products.
With my oily, sensitive skin type everything was a disaster.

But not anymore!  As of today I only have 2 small breakouts.
Say what??  Never has that happened before!
And still, I don't have an oily, greasy feeling sitting on my face.
That is utterly amazing folks!

I do believe my skin feels smoother and looks smoother as well.
Not sure I can say 10 years have fallen off as of yet ....
but I'm hopeful ... and I bet the ole hubby is too :)

Many of you have received samples from me of this new cream.
I would love it if you would comment below your thoughts about this product!

In the next few days/weeks I'll be posting some pictures.
Stay Tuned.

Oh, and if you are interested, here's an infomercial AVON has out about this "miracle in a jar"!

And, for you craft-a-holics out there ... some fun crafty tutes are coming soon too.
I got me lots of stuff in the works ... but none finished yet.
Life has been a tad too busy :)

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