Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fountain of Youth

The advertisement read ... "Do you want to look 10 years younger?"

What?  Who doesn't?  With a tagline like that I was intrigued!

I read further ...
Some women never seem to age…maybe it’s in their genes.
Avon has discovered you have a youth gene too, so you can be one of those women.
Now ANY woman can look up to ten years younger.

I was engrossed ... I kept reading ...
Inspired by the discovery that everyone has a Youth Gene,
our Genics formula is designed to stimulate your Youth Gene’s activity, 
which slows down with age. Now you can undo up to 10 years from the look of your skin.

And the heaven's opened and I heard angels singing!
The Fountain of Youth has been found!
SOLD!  I'm jumping on the bandwagon!

What am I talking about? 
Well, Avon's ANEW Genics & their patented YouthGen™ Technology, that's what!
... and so far I'm hooked!

Let me set the stage.  I have sensitive oily skin.  VERY oily skin.
I rarely try anything new and exciting on my face because, well, my face will hate me for weeks.
Everything makes me break-out and everything feels very thick and greasy on my face.

But, with the promise that Avon will help this 40 year old mama actually
get to look 10 years younger, I was willing to take my chances of an angry face.

Day #1 was last night.
I showered ... aren't you glad I'm clean that way :) ... and cleansed my face.
Then, after drying off and saying,

"Self, are you sure you want to do this?  Face isn't gonna be too happy with you."

... and then with trembling hands and a nervous stomach, I openend the sample packet.
I put a dab on my fingers and slowly breathed and reached for my face.
Here we go I thought ... probably gone regret this for weeks ...
And then I gently spread the yummy smelling cream across my face.
I waited ... and prayed ... and waited some more ...
What's this?  It disappeared??  No oil?  No grease?
I actually had smooth clean skin?  Well, I'll be.
And as of this morning I still had clean oil free skin.  And no immediate break-outs.
And ... perhaps it was wishful thinking ... or the fact my contacts weren't in yet ...
but I swear I could see a whole year fall off my face :)

Woo-Hoo!  Hot Mama on the Loose :)

Well, only time will tell. 
Over the next few weeks I'll post random updates on my true thoughts of this miracle cream.

Stay tuned :)

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