Friday, September 30, 2011

Did Somebody Say SHOES!?!

I have a shoe fetish.
I easily have 30+ boxes of shoes stacked in my closet.

I watch movies and notice shoes before I notice scenery or actors.
And, as sick as it is, I plan entire outfit around which pair of shoes I want to wear!

And let me just say living in Florida is no place to be if you LOVE shoes!
This perma sun state dooms me to only wear flip flops.
Ugh.  Just plain ugh.

Truthfully, even though I don't get to wear them very often, I have a huge selection of shoes.
I must say that my husband freaks everytime I bring a new pair of shoes into the house.

Well, dear ole hubs, let it be know that now my shoes can help cure cancer :)

Well, sort of ...

Let me fill you in on the scoop.
Megan from The Brassy Apple has gathered "cheeleaders" around her site
and they are going to make a difference in the fight for cancer!

For each photo of shoes that is submitted (1 photo per reader) her bloggy owning cheerleaders
have pledged a certain amount of money to be donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

So, do you love shoes?  Do you at least own shoes?
I mean, I'm sure you WEAR shoes, right?
Well, truth be told I can name several people off the top of my head
right now who never wear shoes.  Seriously. 
Don't even get me started on that!

Anyhoo, don't be left out!
Take your photo today of your rockin shoes!
You can upload it here!

Then be sure to visit this post to read more AND 
to find out who the sponsors are of this awesome event!


Samantha said...

I have this starred to actually do something about it...thank you for your email, I just needed a big fat kick up the bum to get on with it! xx

Marina said...

I love shoes :) I don't have them as much as you do, but my husband thinks I have too many :)

Sir Gregory of Port Orangesville said...

It is a hazard to my health because I trip over all of your shoes everywhere. I do not understand the fetish for shoes? :-)

Too bad you can't take more than one picture... you could help cure cancer with all of your shoes.

What a great cause and idea though.