Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boo! How's Your Memory?

I had a birthday party to go to this weekend.  For Twins!
Time got away from me and so I didn't have much time to get a gift. 

I had one gift under my belt ... remember this post?
Well, it was supposed to be for my niece but when in a pinch :)
So, that left just one more gift to make.
Hmmmm, what to do?  Uh, hello, PINTEREST!

I found this cute idea and decided to tweak it for the Halloween season.
Silhouette SD to the rescue.  Really, how did I ever live without this??

First step was to layout my memory cards on the silhouette software.
I made the boxes all 2.5" x 2.5" and then placed the pictures into them.

Then, I did a save as and made a second copy of my silhouette document, calling it "green".
This step makes it easier to cut out the pieces one color group at a time.
I deleted all the pictures inside the boxes and left just the boxes. 
Cut the boxes out in lime green, and be sure to do this twice -
you'll need 2 of each card in order to play the game properly :)

I closed that document, opened my original, and did a save as again and named it "Purple".
Then I deleted everything that I did NOT want to be purple, created a second copy of each item,
and moved them around to be cut out.

Then let the machine cut out the purple pictures.

I did the same thing all over again for black, orange, and white.

Now all your pieces should be cut out.
But some of them may need some cutsie tootsie stuff added to them ... like faces :) 
I used my Sizzix rub-on faces on many of them.

Now my friends you are almost done!
Just glue all the pieces parts onto your squares ...

Slap them suckers onto clear contact paper,
iron for extra sealing oompf , and cut everything out!

Now, you CAN be done at this point, if yours isn't for a gift.
But I needed a box ... Hmmm, what to do?
Uh, Silhouette SD baby!!

I found a box image that I liked in the Silhouette library.  It had an opening in front.  I thought it would be super cool to let one of the memory cards peek through.  "Thought" being the word of the day here.  Uh, remember that old saying, "Measure twice and cut once."  Yeah, well, that didn't happen :)  So my opening was way to big for the cards.  Now what do do?
Hmmm, Silhouette Sketch Pens!  Cha-ching!

I switched out the razor blade for a sketch pen.

Then I laid out inside the silhouette software what I wanted to peek through the cut opening.

I went to "cut" like I always do with the silhouette
but this time I chose "silhouette sketch pen" instead of
which razor knife to use. So now, instead of cutting the paper,  it actually
drew my image instead.   Is that not rockin' awesome???
Next I used my watercolor pencils to fill it in,
used my personal trimmer to cut out a square
around the writing and then glued it behind the opening in the box.
When all was said and done this is what I ended up with ...

Wahoo!  It actually was quick and easy to do.
You know, even if you don't have a silhouette you can do the same idea with magazine pictures!
All kids love memory ... heck, I'm an old 40 year old and I still love Memory :)

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Marilyn said...

Sooo this idea for the kids :)) Found ya on hop and officially following ya with smiles..I'm Marilyn from and will love for you to stop in sometime...Loving your blog and off to read more :))

Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

Love! I would be thrilled if you linked up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

Miranda @ Life in the Motherhood said...

What a fun idea! And I had no idea that you could use an iron to heat set contact paper to give it more of a bond. I definitely need to find something to "laminate" now!!

We'd love it if you added this to our Great Halloween Link Up going on through the end of October.

Jenni at Treacle and Ink said...

this is awesome. i've always wanted a silhouette but they're so expensive!

totally look as though they're worth it, though...


Karima said...

Wow - I love this and the colours are fab! Saw you on linky party and now gfc following you, Karima :)

Ashley said...

hey girl! this looks so fun:) thanks for sharing! i love it

The Stuff of Success said...

Very cute - I have a Cricut but wish more and more I had a Silhouette! Thanks for linking to Success U @