Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shake the Can Ice Cream

I'm always looking for some freaky odd thing to make my husband participate in for each holiday.  He has come to expect it from me actually.  So, last year I racked my brain ... thought of summer ... thought of ice cream ... and then remembered middle school science class.  I don't remember the teacher's name, but I do remember the experiement.  It involved food.  Of course I'm going to remember it.

It's called "shake the can ice cream" ... and man is it fun!  The following is all you need to know in order to amaze and surprise your loved ones .... ooooh, they will think you are magic :)

What You're Gonna Need:
1 Pint of Half and Half
1/3 Cup of Granulated Sugar
4 Tablespoons of  Your Favorite Instant Pudding Mix
(I used 2 each of my two favorites)
1 Large Gallon Sized Ziploc Plastic Bag
Rock Salt
Large Plastic Container with a lid
Smaller Plastic Container with a lid
Duct tape
LOTS of Ice.

What You Gotta Do:
1.  In a medium sized bowl mix the half and half, sugar, and dry pudding mix with a whisk.
2.  Place the Ziploc bag inside the smaller can.
3.  Pour the liquid mixture into the Ziploc bag.

4.  Seal the bag and gently fold it down inside the smaller can.
5.  Cover the smaller can with it’s lid and seal that baby up with duct tape.
(Daddy was right.  Duct tape really CAN be used for anything!)
6.  Lay the smaller can inside the larger container.
7.  Surround the smaller can with a layer of ice, then salt, then ice, then salt.

8.  Put the lid on the larger can and seal it up with the duct tape.

9.  Start rolling, shaking, and shimmying that can!  
Gently, but with oompf, move that sucker around.  
You can even let the kids kick it around the yard if you choose. 
Do this for about 10 minutes.

10.  After 10 minutes open the cans and give the ice cream a gentle stir.
11.  Now reseal the lid on the smaller can and set it aside.
12.  Dump the water from the large can but keep the ice/salt inside.
13.  Now place the smaller can back into the larger can and add more ice/salt.
14.  Once that is done, put the lid on the larger can and seal that rascal up.
15.  Shake the can again for 10 more minutes.

Once your 10 minutes are up, open the cans, say the magic words ...
"Mom is Stinkin Awesome!"
...  then serve the ice cream!  Your kids will love this and it will quickly
become a summer tradition.   Maybe make it even cooler with assorted toppings
like chocolate chips, candies, syrups, or crumbled cookies.  Mmmm, yummy!

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Sir Gregory of Port Orangesville said...

The problem with helping you make that ice cream is my fat was shaking when I was shaking the container. I hurt in some weird places now. So everyone... be ready for some jiggling and giggling!

Katie Newcomb said...

I remember this from science class! So fun, thank you for sharing!

Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Ha, perfect for summer :) Thanks for sharing and linking up with us this week!! You are awesome. My kids will love kicking ice cream all over the yard ;) Hope to see you at our party again in the future.