Friday, July 8, 2011

May the Force Be With You!

Drum-roll please .... after the 5 day contest, the winner is ...
Lisita who said she hoped to win the bundle "For my sister
who is supporting her family right now and could use something to brighten her day." 
Congratulations, Lisita!
Hey guys!  It's give-away-time! 

That's right, I'm being featured over at "Little Birdie Secrets" for the next 5 days!!  
They are actually hosting a contest where we are
giving away a bundle of Avon Naturals products. 
All of the following will be put into one cutie-patootie package
and go to one lucky winner that they will choose randomly.

So, head on over to "Little Birdie Secrets" and place your entry! 
And while you are there check out their cool site as well.  They have lots of neat things going on!

Good luck!  And may the force be with you :)

1 comment:

Samantha said...

OOOOO! I love avon! I'm a follower of little birdie and now I've found you so I hope you don't mind me following you (*ahem*stalking*ahem*). I've not entered the giveaway as they're rarely international and I'm in the UK. Either way I'm happy to have found you xx

p.s. blogspot have editted their spam filters recently and it's very unlikely that you'll ever get spam comments so a lot of bloggers who have high comment rates have turned off their word verification cos most people can't be bothered to do the verification so they don't get comments. (sorry that came out wrong but I noticed you're a small blog like me and I've been hunting for tips to grow)