Thursday, July 14, 2011

Betty Davis Eyes

Ok, so maybe I'm showing my age here ... but do any of you remember Kim Carnes singing the song "Betty Davis Eyes" in the early 80's?  ... better yet, do any of you actually remember Betty Davis?  I do on both accounts!  Funny thing, as I was researching for this post on how to enhance your eyes I just could not get that song out of my head.  Over and over and over again I kept hearing it.  What's that called, an earworm?

Anyhoo, because I had me my own earworm ... and because I am random ... and really just because this is my blog and I want to ... here's a video of the song for you to watch.  Afterward we'll get down to nitty gritty how-to tip :)

Did you watch it?  Now you have an ear worm too I bet :)  So, on with the show. 
How can you get yourself some Betty Davis Eyes??  Here goes.

The secret is it's all done with creating optical illusions with eye make-up!  It's magic!  You just need to play with light and dark shades of eyeshadow.  Doing so will enhance the size of your eyes, or it will bring your eyes further or closer apart.

1.  Do you have WIDE SET eyes?  If the space between the inside corners of your eyes is wider than the width of one eye, you have wide-set eyes.  Examples are Julia Stiles, Kate Moss, and Oprah.  Start by sweeping a light color shadow over the whole eye.  Then apply a medium color on the inner half of the eyelid.  Blend this outward to create a natural finish.  Next, use eyeliner to draw a very thin line from the inner to the outer corners on both upper and lower lids.  On wide-set eyes always use more intense colors near the inner corner of the eyes.  Use mascara generously, on both upper and lower lashes.

TIP: Add a little shadow (or bronzer) onto the bridge of the nose. This will help create more depth which will help give the illusion that eyes are closer together.

2.  Are your eyes CLOSE-SET?  If the space between the inner corners of your eyes is shorter than the width of one eye, you have close-set eyes.  Your examples are Eva Langoria, Barbara Streisand, and Teri Hatcher.  You can make them look wider apart by using a flesh tone shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eye.  Then apply a slightly darker shade from middle of the lid to the outer corner and then blend in the middle.  Be sure to keep your strokes in an upward and outward motion.  Be sure to make the eyeliner darker at the outer corner and then use a lighter touch with the eyeliner as it moves towards the inner corner.  In other words, keep the line thicker at outer edge of the eye.  Apply mascara and let it dry.  Once it's dry add a second coat but only to the outside lashes.  DO NOT add color close to the nose.

3.  If your eyes are SMALL you can make them look bigger!  That's what Renee Zellwegger and Jennifer Hudson do!  First, you need to pluck the eyebrows to give maximum eye area. Then, using a soft color eyeliner make a fine line from the inner corner of your eye, close to your lashes, and thicken the line toward the outer third of your eye.  Use lighter eyeshadow or a shimmery pearl shadow on the entire eyelid.  It's also good to use an irridescent shade as a highlighter under your brow bone.  Try to keep dark colors to a minimum.  If you just must use a darker shade, then use it only on the outer corner of your eye or in the crease for definition.  Mascara is a must and you need to use it on both the upper and lower lashes.  It's best to use a second coat on the outer lashes only.

4.  If you can't see your eyelid, you have HOODED eyes.  Some examples are Paris Hilton, and Lisa Ratcliffe.  For this shape you need to apply a medium to dark shadow in the crease and on the hooded area.  Then sweep a lighter shadow on the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye.  Gradually soften shadow as you approach the brow.  Next, draw a very thin line along the top lash line.  This keeps the eye looking open.  Smudge this line with a cotton swab.  Line upper lash-line only.  Apply black mascara to the upper & lower lashes.  Highlighting the brow bone and lining the lash base gives hooded eyes an alluring shape.

5.  PROMINENT eyes which set far forward in the face tend to dominate the facial features.  Such as, hello, Betty Davis :)  With special makeup prominent eyes can be made less obvious.  It's best to use medium to deep shades of shadow on the upper lids, but not above the crease, to help to minimize their appearance.  Use a highlighter color just under the brow to lighten and lift the eyes. Liners should be applied along the top lids just at the lash bases from corner to corner.  This gives prominent eyes a smoldering and mysterious look.  Can you say "smokey eyes".  Apply plenty of mascara to emphasize the top lashes.

And there you have it.  Five magic tricks that will help your eyes to stand out in a crowd.  Ready to experiment on your own eyes?  Then mosey on over to my online store and see all the eye products we have available ... and for a good price too!

Be sure to check back in with me next week.  We'll learn what Jillian Dempsey has to say about YOUR eye color and what works best for you!  In case you aren't aware of who Jillian Dempsey is ... she's the professional make-up artist behind most of Avon's make-up line ... AND she's lucky enough to call herself the wife of Patrick Dempsey.  Repeat after me, McDreamy!  Oooooo.  Ahhhhhhh.

Happy Shopping!

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