Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sandpaper Heels

Picture this ... true story ... My husband comes in from working hard in his man-cave, or is it playing hard, hmmm.  Well, anyways he finds me busy with housework and says, "Honey, can you come help me for a minute?"  Always pleased to be of help to my husband (chuckle chuckle) I dry my hands on the dish towel and head to the garage.  He leads me toward his work bench and asks me to plop my foot up onto this rough piece of lumber who knows what he's doing what with.  I give him a blank stare as if to say, "You want me to do what with my what?"  He must have read my mind (as happens with married couples) because he then says, "I'm out of sandpaper to smooth this wood.  Your heels would work great as a replacement!" ... well ... maybe it wasn't REALLY a true story.  But it could be I tell ya.  My heels are just that bad!!

That is why I am starting "Pampered by Tammie".  Each month I will feature on this blog a specific product I am currently using by Avon.  I will try it, use it, and give you honest feedback on how it works.  This month is the Avon FOOTWORK line of products.  There are way too many to list them all.  But I have included links below on how to check some of them out.  You know, summer is coming or actually been here for me ... and I will be in flip flops and sandals most all the time from now on.  Gotta have pretty feet don't cha know.

So, I started my "I'm 40 now and still want to look 20" beauty routine this past Sunday.  My first step was to apply the Lavendar Foot Mask.  LOVED it.  It went on really easy and wasn't cakey or gross to use.  I left it on for a very long time like the bottle said until it was totally dry.  Then I plopped my tootsies into an inflatable tub of water that I had poured two capfuls of Lavendar Foot Soak in.  The bottle says to only use one capful but I'm a rebel sometimes.  Actually, I tend to be a rebel in many areas of my life.  Anyway, back to the story ... the stuff smelled awesome and relaxed my aching feet.  Made them soft too.  After I had let them soak through the whole Sylvester Stallone movie we were watching ... (don't ask!) ... I gently dabbed them dry with a towel and generously ... actually REALLY generously ... like smothered my foot so it looked like a purple snowman generously ... with Lavendar Overnight Renewing Cream.  Then I put socks on and some lovely "old lady" slippers as my husband calls them.  Then I went about my business of cooking and cleaning and being Cinderella.  Well, truthfully, I went into the other room to scrapbook.  It just sounds better to say I am a good housekeeper.  But no matter what I was doing I left the socks on all night.  The next morning my feet rocked.  They were soft and awesome and much of the cracked heels were already better.  I've been applying the Lavendar Overnight Renewing Cream every night after my shower since.  Each day they look better than the last.  Hopefully in a few more weeks you won't even know I had 'Sandpaper Heels' at one time!

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Anonymous said...

Little does she know that this story is true! She just does not remember it. Those magic forgetting pills work great! I did use her feet for sandpaper. Now that wood is as smooth as a baby's butt!!!

The sweet and innocent hubby! :)

Anonymous said...

Footworks products....Love Love...Love them. I've tried all kinds of foot products and this is by far the best!! Thanks Tammie for turning me on to this product line.