Monday, June 27, 2011

Have You Met Her Yet?

Where Baby-Love Blooms ...

Once upon a time, there was a young mom
who wanted the best for her little one.
She looked online and in the store,
but nothing was pure, cute, or fun enough--
her child deserved more!

So she searched inside her heart
and gave Tiny Tillia its magical start.

Tiny Tillia is a land where kisses grow on trees,
giggles spout like wildflowers
and sweet scents fill the air.

You won't find it on the map.
But hug your baby and in a snap,
the Tiny Tillia bunch will appear
with wonderful products and plenty of cheer.

Tiny Tillia is a rockin' new product line with Avon.  It was founded by Tiffany Lerman because as a mother herself she wanted baby products that were high quality but great fun as well.  The playful bunch of Tiny Tillia characters were inspired by members of her own family, including her mother, author Jackie Collins.

I have to tell you that this new line of Tiny Tillia makes me want to have another baby.  I just want to buy this stuff up and squeeze it tight and smell it up ... wait, reality check ... my kids are finally growing up.  One is even college bound!  Let me not forget that babies are hard work.  Hmm, do I really WANT to go there again?  Maybe I'll just borrow YOUR babies for a day ... or maybe I'll buy this yummy stuff up for friends ... yeah, that's more like it :)

And how CAN we buy this stuff up?  Head over to the online store and look around.  There is lots to see.  You can even create a baby registry for yourself or a loved one who is expecting!  It's great! 

*If you should decide to check out Tiny Tillia ... and you purchase some goodies while there ... would you be so kind as to give my name as your rep.  Thanks*

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Brit @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Ohh, I had no idea that Avon even had this line :) Awesome, will share it with my friends with little ones!